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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00. we're working on several breaking news stories. we know the identity of a colorado woman died in austria. >> 25-year-old lauren mann was the victim. she was discooered after her employer got worried she didn't show up for work. she is her facebook page that says she's from colorado. >> we don't know ow she died, but police found her body next to a considerable amount of blood.
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she was working as a nanny while studying abroad. denver police searching for a female suspect who may be armed. it's going on near lowell between colfax and 17th now, this is a few blocks from sloan's lake. the woman was allegedly involved in some soot of disturbance. we haae crews on the way to check this out. we have more on the way coming up. police in boulder investigating a threat to boulder high school after getting several tips from the safe to tell hot line last night. officials don't think it's a everything seriously. resources on campus.
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that peyton manning used human growth hormones. no decision from the nfl is expected before the super bowl. levi stadium. >> denver 7 reporter sally mamdooh was there for the big sally. >> reporter: the broncos' gear is heading all the way to `alifornia with the help of this truck. they're looding up some of that equipment and you really don't think about what goes into moving a them not playing a -- team not playing a home game. some of the things they're loading up now are training equipment, video equipment as well as those precious, precious jerseys. here's a way that the moving company wants to have the fans be engaged. when you see this truck that's expected to travel about 1200 miles o california, they're hoping fans can pull out their
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of this truck and tweet, or write this hashtag, #broncostruck. they're not telling us how much they're hauling now, because past a contest they're doing, hoping fans can guess how many pounds this truck will be hauling to california. prize. site, sally mamdooh, denver 7. she's going to jump on that truck. >> that's how you see the broncos, wouldn't that be cool? >> who is this person? >> we're in for such a nice day. already temperatures soaring nicely. 40s and 50s expected this 3 afternoon. right now in denver about 5, 10 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. look to limon, 15 degrees warmer. in the springs 21. leadville 17. at least above normal across the state. 41 in denver. 3 degrees off from our normal high.
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blue skies, beautiful start to our afternoon. it's going to look a lot like this the next couple of days. already at 50 limon. 36 greeley. colder to the north in fort collins and greeley. -`you'll get there, i promise. should be in the midd to upper 3:00. heading up to the mountains, no it's ddy. we are expecttng snow in the mountains starting friday. denver. it's on our seven-day forecast. i'll show you when coming up. thank you. it's about four minutes after the hour now. new at 11:00, the girlfriend of a jefferson county deputy shot last night is telling us what happened last night, this as run. >> she's speaking only with watts.
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what did she have to say? >> had surgery, having more surgeries this morning. >> reporter: as her boyfriend continues to fight for his life after being shot -- anybody. whether he knows them or not. >> reporter: -- liss came to see where it happened in the daylight. she wasn't lost for words when describing him. >> the most kind hearted, person ever. very proteccive. >> reporter: she says he walked out into the parking lot last night and then -- >> the gunshots. and then my kids and i ran out as fast as possible, and the cops were here. >> reporter: police say this was a random robbery. the two suspects started shooting, hitting the deputy multiple times in the chest and stomach. >> we heard about six, seven shots and then a gentleman was screaming, i'm an off-duty officer, please help. >> reporter: neighbors rushed to his side even aa gunfire continued. >> even though he was still shooting there were people coming out to assist.
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>> yeah. there was a young lady lives on the bottom end, she was the first one out. >> i held his heads up and i put pressure on his wounds, and i told him he was going to be okay. three schools are on lockout now why denver police are searching for a female suspect, may be armed. this is in the area of lowell boulevard between colfax and 17. couple of blocks from sloan's lake near shelton ham elementary school. because of this search, just to be safe, the three schools are on lockout. teacher from warren village is among 10 suspected child predators that we have a pick of, i believe. parents in the area completely shocked by this. here are the photographs. school administrators tell us teacher david hocker was never alone with children. they were damant no crimes
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police say he answered an online ad that promised sex with under age girls in exchange foo sex. school administrators say there were no red flags. >> this individual was never alone with childrrn and we saw nothing that would lead us to believe there were imprrppieties. >> investigators didn't give specifics, but doesn't appear children were hurt. aurora man behind bars in connecticut accused of meeting a 13-year-old girl at a hotel. investigators believe nathaniel smith met the girl in a 3 messaging app. national news, in ohio six cleveland police officers are fired in connection with a fatal car crash that happened in 2012. this is video from the scene then. one of the officers was indicted, accused of firing 49 of tte almost 140 shots into that car. a grand jury decided not to indict 12 other officers involved.
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fired, they were suspended without pay. weehave new details on that deadly train crash in philadelphia that happened back in may. investigators now have a new theory on what caused it. they think the amtrak engineer was distracted by radio chatter from other train operators. the ntsb is expected to release new details next week, including dispelling rumors thee engineer was on the cell phone. it killed 8 people and hurt more than 200 others. the boston marathon explosion left 3 people dead and more than 160 injuued, one brother was sentenced to death. some 600 court filings and
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to be unsealed. be at the republican debate. he says he doesn't want to be around the moderator, megyn kelly. fortune. i'm not a fan of megyn kelly, i think she's not good at what she does and i think they could do better than megyn kelly. >> kelly challengeed trump august. today bernie sanders will sit down with president obama. the white house sayssit's an informal meetingg it comes days after the president praised sanders' main rival, hillary clinton, during an interview with politico. though obama has not yet endorsed anyone. details on the affluenza teen. >> we have a disturbing trend causing at least one teen,
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welcome back. the oregon land standoff is over, but the controversy isn't. protester being killed and seven others in custody after a violent confrontation last night. law enforcement including fbi agents stopped the group on the way to a community meeting and that's when it turned violent. ammon bundy the group's leader
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the affluenza teen could be on his way back to the u.s. seen. couch's lawyer says he wants to drop his fight from deportation to mexico. he and his mother fled after a video surfaceed possibly showing him breaking probation. his mom already back here in the u.s. couch killed four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013 when he was 16. parents and teens we want to warn you about a new challenge going around the internet, called the duct tape challenge. one teenager says it almost cost him his life. his injuries severe, so a warning this may be tough to look at. the teens wrap themselves up in duct tape and try to free themselves. he fell and crushed his eye socket and suffered a brain aneurism and needed 48 staples in his head.
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when i think about it, like, i become sad, and then, like, very happy because, like, i'm happy because i survived it. like, i almost died. >> skylar is headed to children's hospital in washington. it's not known if he'll be able to see out of that one eye. minneapolis community mourning the death of a teacher. >> she jumped in front of a bus heading towards her student. `he pushed the kids out of the way. she was principal for 22 years. parents say her death will definitely leave a major gap in %- their schhol. >> my son has downs, so she connected with him and kind of understood him and always made sure he was in his class and she was very, very caring towards me and my family. >> just like come and sit down in one of our chairs for a little bit and see what we were
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>> thank you, mrs., jordan. thank you, mrs. jordan. >> she was so loved, teachers and students made this video thanking her in may for all she has done for them. >> that is so incredibly sad. >> jumped in front, got the kids safe. >> what a great woman. we're in for a nice couule of days. promised you 50s and 60s. already in the 50s in some spots now. we'll be closer to 60 by friday. >> bring it on. >> it's january, right? >> sort of. >> record highs this time of year are in the 70s. so it happens. now we have a couple of systems to the north and wess of us bringing in a little llght rain and snow. it's pushing in high cloud cover into colorado. that's it for us. we're going to stay dry across all four corners. this is in akron and this will be a common sight next couple of daas. few clouds filtering in and out. beautiful there and our temperatures already across parts of eastern warmingg nicely. you'll see the clouds on futureccst.
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it through the early, midafternoon. bb 4:30 same thing, our mountains are going to be pretty dryy the high country, some of our ski resorts would love more snow. they're not going to get it it like until friday. heading up thursday to the mountains, it will be beautiful, but you'll see more %- snow filtering in by friday. temperatures, normal high 44. we're going to be closer to some of those records later in the week. now we're at 41 in denver. already a few degrees off from that normal high. boulder you're at 41. greeley now 36. pockets. gunnison 4 below and in craig now, just 9 degrees. closer to freezing in the central mountains with low to mid, even upper 50s across eastern colorado. downtown at 52. boulder 52. castle rock today 54. up into the foothills really
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with a high today of 40. today and tomorrow mid, upper 50s. we'll gain a few degrees each day. friday the warmest spot on our sevee-day forecast, with a high of 60. overnight lows, we'll be near freezing throogh the weekend. really mild in the mornings. by sunday that's whennthe change starts to move in. temperatures are going to drop. colddr air moving in. then a chance for snow. i think we need to watch this system close. recent models indicating, kelly's eyes, are you serious? >> i know what she means by that. >> could be a good amount of snow, some models indicating 6 to 12 inches. still too early, but to give you an idea, we're going to watch it close. >> a lot can change before them. >> some says 1 inch and another a into the and others in between. >> some 8 feet tall and have % legs that go up to here. >> different kind of models. denver 7 following that breaking news we shared with
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this is while denver police are searching for a female suspect who may be armed. it's in the area of lowell between colfax and 17th. >> denver 7 reporter sally mamdooh is there with the latest. >> reporter: the search for that female is now over. just arrested her a couple of minutes ago. huge police presence. it'' now cleared and this is what happened a few hours ago. at 8:30 this morning a female was transported -- [ audio went out ] -- another female was reported to have fled the area from that same -- [ audio going out ] >> clearly having issues. but they did get this woman in custody, so that is the good news with this situation. they've been looking for herr for a while. >> the schools in the area, they were on lockout just to be % safe. that's no longer the case. if you have a student, child there, everything should be okay at this hour. good news.
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want to stick around. we have a new death star barbecue.
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stories making news hot on the internet today. you've got to look at this video very closely. yep that's a dog on the back of a scooter. and lease holding on great. amazing. he's a great pal, too. it's hard to see but the dog has an umbrella in its mouth. amazing. see that dog riding there and holding that ummrella. there are some machines that are too powerful for kids to use. this leaf blower is one of the child starts to spin around a little bit, but dad quickly jumps ii to help, but now the kid breaks free and around and 3 around he goes. thankfully he goes down. he is helped out by dad before hh gets completely out of control. if you like grilling and love star wars, then you need this, the stainless steel star wars death star grill that has the power to cook rebel
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course. currently available at $150 online. some dogs are good at jumping. this one is not. keeps ramming himself in the couch. not doing it right. maybe one day he'll master the art of jumping on the couch, or maybe not. this video is all over facebook now. this is little zeke andrews, who is snowboarding like a champ. just before his 2nd birthday. i wouldn't call him a master, but extremell good for being there young. i guess he's almost a master. he's rock solid on that board. can even do a spin turn up and over small bumps. changes direction. on theevideo they say he snowboards at appalachian ski mountain in north carolina. he's been here in colorado at copper mountain. maybe he'll be the next shaun white.
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kind of cruising. >> e's just standing thhre and moves. it's great. >> i love this video so much because i can't wait to get my little guy on skis or ski board. that soon? i don't know. >> i tried my girls at 4 and 7. they're okay, but not that good. some bronco season ticket holders can pick up their tickets. you had to go into the lottery for a chance to get a ticket. you didn't get a ticket. they paid about $1,500, which is a bargain when you compare it to the tickets selling on third party sites like stubhub. the super bowl could be the llst time we watch peyton manning live. >> lionel bienvenu joins us with a look at the big game. >> welcome to the chase for the championship. you might have seen this video already and heard the postgame exchange between peyton manning and bill belichick. it's on my facebook page if you need to sse it. peyton saying it might be his last rodeo. it might be in denver, but he hasn't made plans for after the
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game, super bowl l. listen to peyton after. does he sound like he was saying thank you and goodbye? here heeis on stage and at the interview podium. >> it's been aaspecial four years playing here in denver for these great faas for this great organization, and to be going to our secood super bowl in four years is very special. >> kind of staying in the `oment, taking it one week at a time, not assumiig this is how it's going to be, this is a final, finaldition here one nine decision here one way or the other. try to take it one week at a time, stay patient and i think s that serveed me well. >> stay tuned. von miller on the cover of "sports illustrated" this week, sacking tom brady. it reads, orange rush. peyton manning will be the narrative, but broncos' soul crushing d is the story. got that right. vonn crushed tom brady's soul. also did the same to cam newton in 2012. went in carolina and sacked cam seven times, beat the
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super bowl celebration. few years later, cam has developed into the biggest threat in the nfl. >> i've never seen anything that size, you look like typical nfl quarterback, sit in thh pocket and throw it, and run with it. probably could play any position in the nfl that you wanted to. he's definitely a unique player.. like i said, he's probably the the nfl right now. >> the uniforms just about ready to go. these pictures sewing the super bowl l low goes on. they'll wear white. they're off today and practice thursday and off to santa clara sunday and we'll be with them every step of the way, denver 7 sports xtra chase for the championship. till we see you again, have a great morning.
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video of the afc championship game. taiwan's take. shows peyton manning with a walker, shows up in a wheelchair, throws a touchdown pass to owen daniels. demarcus ware and von miller dismantle brady. brady was seen crying multiple times. this video out of taiwan. >> so weird. >> running around in circles. >> peyton is not that old. i don't like seeing that. >> i know, come oo. the winter can bring all sorts of problem and this season thieves are targeting your need to stay warm. we'll explain after the break. >> new details on a deadly accident at a wal-mart in lakewood. police releasing information on the victim and the suspect.
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11:30. if you're just joining us we have you covered with the breaking news stories. >> including details on the homicide investigation of a colorado woman killed in austria. lauren mann was discovered after her employer found she didn't turn up for work. >> we don't know how she died exactly. an autopsy is being conducted. she was working as an au pair while studying abroad. and news on the jefferson county deputy shot last night. he is now in stable condition, expected to recover.
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custody but the other one on the run. >> only denvee 7 is speaking to the deputy's girlfriend about what's happening. lindsay watts s near iliff and buckley. >> reporter: the jefferson county deputy was off-duty when he was visiting his girlfriend here last night. she tells me he had been making dinner for her and her kids. he ran out to his car and she heard the gunshots. this is how she describes her boyfriend. >> absolutely the most kind hearted, biggest hearted, caring, loving person ever. very protective. >> reporter: lisa says she came out this morning to see where the shooting happened in the daylight. you can see a vehicle with its windows shot out here. investigators were at this apartment complex all night long into the early morning hours. the shooting happened right around 7:30. police say the deputy was
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guys tried to rob him and started shooting. the deputy was able to shoot back. he hit one of the suspects, a juvenile, in the leg. he tried to run, but didn't make it far. %- police were able to catch up with him, but they have second suspect. i have been talking to neighbors here today, and they 3 say after the shooting people ruuhed out to help the deputy, even as gunfire continued. again, the deputy is now in stable condition. he is expected to recover. in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. denver police need your help solving a murder. this man varnell jenkins was shot and killed outside the peoria rtd station saturday. crimestoppers offering $2,000 colorado law enforcement is sending out a warning to people who put their keys in cars and leave it running to warm it up.
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to steal the cars and that's what police say led to a home invasion. the thieves stole a puffer car and returned to the home a few days later and usee the key to get in the car. franklin nelson died when 81-year-old charles tatman allegedly lost control of the car, said his brakes didn't work. the car rammed into a wal-mart super store. officers say the driver was speeding moments before the here's a witness. >> it was going really fast. doing 60 to 70 miles per hour i would say, and blew through the stopsign, narrowly missing several cars onto wadsworth andd striking a pedestrian. >> police are investigating whether there was a mechanical issue with the car. the driver could face charges. have you seen cdot's new campaign? every wednesday the department will be posting the number of
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signs. today we found a couple of signs on i-25 showing 13 so far this year. it also asks not buckled, what's holding you back? they hope the campaign will cut down on the number of serious crashes. we're getting our first look at the new devices state patrol may use to catch drivers who drive high. in march 150 officers started testing five devices just to require a swab of saliva. when an officer arrests someone for driving high on pot, they ask them to voluntarily participate in the marijuana dui pilot program. so far, though, they've given fewer than 100 tests. >> i don't know there's an incentive for them to participate. we're averaging around 5% participation rate. >> they'll roll the department out to other departments in a month. they hope it will giver better data about how many people are driving high. state patrol wants two years
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they do at all. no decision after a heated debate over oil and gas drilling. residents voiced concerns about sites that could be located near homes and schools. industry leaders were there and addressed the commissioners. adams county officials say six sites are fully approved and six more are on the waiting i worry tremendously because both of their schools are very close to what are anticipated fracking sites. >> after seven hours of debate, the board decided to schedule a study session next week and weeks. in europe. a tourist has come down with it south america. there is little risk of the virus spreading in denmark officials say. the cdc is expanding its list
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they're adding u.s. virgin islands and dominican republic. pregnant women especially are being told not to go to these countries, the virus can lead the u.s. is taking another step to improve relations with cuba. the treaaury department will get rid of financing restrictions today on most exports and allow more commodities to be exported. ford recalling 39,100,000 ranger pickups. more than 10 died, and more than 100 hurt by the takata situation. this new recall is for ranger
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toyota held onto its spot of top selling automaker in 2015, selling more than 10 million cars. desppte the fact it's also been caught up in that massive recall over the faulty takaaa airbags. three schools no longer on lockout after a manhunt in >> denver 7 reporter sally details on the suspect. sally. >> reporter: mitch, that woman was arrested just a blockkaway from where we're at, which is17th and lowell here. now you are looking at video of that woman being arrested that we just shot a few moments ago when she was arrested. here's what police are telling us, around 8:30 they got a disturbance call. when they got there police aren't telling us what the call was about, but when they got there one woman had to be sent to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. police say that woman that waa injured, that woman that injured the other woman was the
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hours and they were looking for a perimeter out here and shut down that entire area and then they put three schools on lock `own, colfax, shell ham and lake international. % the scene has been cleared. we don't know what caused the disturbance call. -`police aren't telling us what was behind this call and we don't know what led to this violent alttrcation. for now, we know the schools are noolonger on lockdown and the scene behind me has been cleared. for now, we're in denver, sally mamdooh denver 7. thank you. coming up after the break, we'll tell you about an elderly woman who woke up to a very strange surprise. let's just say she got a visit from the rain forest. >> hear from the woman who survived that 1,000-foot fall down a mountain. lisa. >> we are looking at a beautiful afternoon. 52 degrees today for a high..
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air quality today is moderate. crumb we're going to take a -- coming up we're going to take a
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welcome back. we told you a lot of strange the list. a 100-year-old woman in miami woke up to a very strange animal on her chest. the woman called her veterinarian son-in-law at 2:00 a.m. terrified, saying there was a
11:35 am
it was a kinkajou, like you see here. they usually live in central and south america. %- that had escaped. >> at least it was nice. the vet got in touch with thh owner and they'll be reunited today. today we're hearing from that skier who tumbled 1,000 feet down a mountain in alaska. the skier, angel colonson, spoke with gma this morning and said she had a little bit of fear before this run anyway. >> i feel like professional skiing and a lot of sports is 3 knowing the difference between the fear in your gut when you shouldn't do something or just the little bit of nervous fear that we always have. >> the fall happened last spring as she filmed a movie.. the film company released this video because it was part of their safety week. remarkable she was not hurt in that fall. >> don't do this.
11:36 am
>> so hard to watch this. >> it goes on and on and on. then she says, i'm okay. i'm okay. really, i'm shocked she didn't break just a leg or arm. >> jammed two fingers, that was it. >> she's young and pliable, i guess. >> i'm okay, i'm okay. >> he'd break in half. >> i'm telling you what. i would not walk straight the rest of my life. >> i'm glad she's okay. speaking of snow, we're so far below normal the month of january. next best chance is sunday and monday, the first of february, so i'm not sure we're going to add anything to january. about 3.5 inches so far. we need more. we're at about 26 inches. so we could add to some totals. that would be nice. doesn't look like we'll get it, definitely not the next four or five days. 41 in denver. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. beautiful start to our
11:37 am
windchills in the low to mid- 30s. greeley you're at 37. already 49 in longmont. 45 boulder. 46 in littleton. castle rock, 52 now. we've seen a big warmup within the last 35 to 45 minutes. teens and 20s the colorado mountains. when you look at the temperatures and difference, 5 to even 25 degrees above where we were the same time yesterday. you'll notice a few high clouds that will filter in. we have those coming in from the north and northwest. no major systems at this point but it looks like come friday into saturday we'll start to see some snow in the mountainn. the mountains today just looking at high clouds. the roads have been really dry heading up i-70 into the mountains. if you are heading up there this weekend, friday into saturday, that will be the time to watch. 7:00tomorrow morning still dry. another very briggt drive in on thursday morning and throughout the day tomorrow, and even
11:38 am
today low to mid-50s. greeley 45. the springs 52. i think we may bump up a couple numbers closer to town. black hawk 39. brighton a high of 53. well above normal. normal high mid-40s. we'll be about 10 degrres above that tomorrow. then try the bright -- friday, the bright spot, highs near 60 come saturday ann sunday, that's when things start to change up. we'll be still very warm on saturday, upper 50s. if you've got plans this weekend, that will be the warmer of the two days. low to mid-40s sunday and chance for snow. looks like the first of next month could get a good dose of snow monday into tuesday. we'll keep you up-to-date and tracking the system all week long. >> you sound a little bit excited. in california. i leave sunday. i hattd missing ssowstorms. bowl sunday?? >> yeah. >> i had it wrong. >> you said it, it's mitch.
11:39 am
anyway. what do you care? 3 >> i know. >> probably bumed, lisa loves the snow. 50 something degrees outside today, so how about ice cream? a free one tastes better. cold stone creamery is giving away a free scoop with free mix in at participating locations in colorado today. the give-away started at 11:00 a.m. %- most locations are giving away about 250 scoops. we have details about this on and the today is your day to try out b cycle free.. the rental is waived. it's sponsored by kaiser permanente, a sponsor since 2010. bruce springsteen coming to colorado. this is according to the colorado springs gazette.
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tickets go on sale february 5th. whole foods shares lost 5% monday. they gained back some the next day. that after an an analyst downgraded it to under perform. stock down about 15% for the year and we're only in january now. since 2013 they've lost about %- half its market value. >apple has to be feeling pretty good today. had the most profitable quarter for any american business in history.. the only bad news, it says growth is slowing. seems like everybody has a phone or ipad. apple says it believes sales will fall in the current quaater for the first time in 13 years. still making a lot of money. if you have fond memoores of the tales of peter rabbit, we have good news. >> a publisher found one of the lost scripts. they published the book this year. the tale of kitty and boots is
11:41 am
century after she wrote it. peter rabbit makes an appearance, he's slower, older. lost book. daily dose of adorable and hilarious. we have a baby that won't get football get in the way of
11:42 am
a pair of new york ccty police officers, or new york police officers are adding baby delivering to their list of duties aftee a woman goes into labor on the freeway. >> the nypd tweeted out a picture of this new new yorker. police say he was delivered `long the fdr drive. the little one is doing just fine. were you born? at the u.n. sutton wood's parents put her to bed without saying her bed because she was in a rush. she decided to pray on her own.
11:43 am
daddy, thank you my mommy. amen. >> does that melt your heart or what? sutton thanked god for santa claus. >> amen she said. you might expect a 9-year- old to have a medical down over a boy band, movie star maybe. but tears of joy over a cnn's jeanne moos reports. >> reporter: it was a reaction best described as trump tastic. >> guess what we're going to do monday? >> what? >> donald trump in person in new hampshire. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> oh, my word! >> reporter: left her in tears. >> thank you, mama.
11:44 am
given kids rides in his chopper. sing him diddies [ singing ] >> reporter: when a kid asks a good question. >> you're going to build thh wall, what's it going to be made out of? >> reporter: trump brought them on stage. they're far from a stage when they can't vote. >> why are you up set? >> because i can't vote for donald trump. >> reporter: what are they doing to our brain, wrote one. but ava drove her parents to the rally. mom and dad hadn't even settled on a candidate. outspoken ava says she likes ouuspoken trump. >> i was freaking out. >> eporter: not to mention. >> i love his hair. >> reporter: she got him to sign her number one poster. just think, four years ago we were making a fuss over a 4- year-old for having a melt down because she was sick of
11:45 am
>> i'm tired of president obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon. >> reporter: then there was the kid who had a tantrum when hillary clinton announced she was running because she thought it meant he couldn't. >> i wanted to run for president. >> reporter: upon watching ava's video, one person commented, she may be one of his more mature supporters. and even the donald's opponents might agree. >> it was like going to disney. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: new york. >> thank you. >> young fan there, my goodness. >> jeanne moos gets to do the best stories. >> i know. oddest things. speaking of odd. >> look at this girl. >> our polar plunge team denver 7, morning team, we're going against the night crew.
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we'd love you to join our team. go to my facebook page. you can find more at >> already have donations coming in. >> had three new people join our team this morning. help us out. >> help special olympics.
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